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Scott's Archive

2008 Toronto Blue Jays Team Preview
Can Toronto hang with the big boys of the American League?

Roller Coaster Man
Early in April, Scott noted strange patterns in the pitching effectiveness of one Derek Lowe dating back to 2002. Not only did that pattern continue in 2006, but Scott went from looking like a pansy who took the middle ground in an argument to a mini-prophet.

2006 Royals Team Preview
The Royals set a franchise record with 106 losses last season. They can't help but improve, though by how much?

2006 Atlanta Braves Preview
Even with the departure of Leo Mazzone, one would be a fool to count out the Braves this year.

2006 Yankees An Offensive Juggernaut?
ESPN's Bob Klapisch rounds off 2005 with the boneheaded claim that the 2006 Yankees lineup "looks unstoppable."

Scott Forgives Craig
After holding a grudge against Craig Biggio for Biggio's entire career, Scott finally forgives Craig for one element of his game as his karma comes back to bite him.

Pitchers That Make You Go Hmmm
Scott takes a look at the top ten most head scratching Cy Young picks of all time.

The House of Roids
Who is, and who isn't, a resident in the House of Roids.

Los Angeles Dodgers 2005 Team Preview
Scott offered two possibilities for the Dodgers' 2005 season, and was almost dead right with one of them.

Chicago Cubs 2005 Team Preview
Scott predicts steady improvement for Corey Patterson and a down-to-the wire battle for first with the hated Cardinals!

Pedro's Rainbow
Scott has noticed something about Pedro's career path which indicates that tough times may be ahead for Mr. Martinez.

In Defense of Gil
Scott takes exception to Asher's assessment of Gil McDougald's career, and points out a thing or two you may not have known.

More of Scott's particular brand of sports, humor and philosophy soon...most of it just has to be organized properly.

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My 2006 predictions.
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