In Defense of Gil
Scott Glab,
In Asher's "Top Ten Rookie Classes of All-time", he dismisses Yankee infielder Gil McDougald more surely
than Shawon Dunston dismisses the idea of walking. 
Here are 7 reasons why Asher didn't give Gil his due:
7.  McDougald won a gold glove as second, third, and shortstop, the only player ever to accomplish this
6. Bill James lists Gil McDougald and Phil Rizzuto as the best DP combination of the 1950’s, and cites Gil as
the reason that Stengel’s Yankees always induced tons of DPs.
5. James also calls Gil “The best fifth infielder in the history of baseball.”
4. It is estimated that McDougald lost about 54 home runs to poor home run parks over his career, more than
any other second baseman.
3. McDougald’s adjusted OPS was better than the league average for his first 7 seasons and for 8 out 10 years
in total.
2. McDougald his a grand slam in game 5 of the 1951 world series as a rookie.  He also hit two crucial
dingers in the 1958 world series, and were there such a thing as series MVP, he very well could have won it.
1. His eventful career ended by being picked by the expansion Angels, throwing a hissy fit about it,
getting a trade arranged whereby the Yankees wanted him back, then choosing to retire at age 32 instead. 
He really was ahead of his time.